Animation "The guide for private companies and local collectivities: issues related to contaminated sites and soils"

Organisme producteur : IFFO-RME, Ministère de l’environnement, 
Thématique : Diagnostic/Surveillance, Techniques de dépollution/Mesures constructives, Gestion/Démarche générale, Rôle et responsabilités, Communication/Concertation, 
Type de document : 

Duration: 3’28"
also available from Dailymotion and Youtube

The guidebook for private companies and local collectivities has been created in order to help them in resorting certified service providers and getting recognized expertise. This animation movie introduces:

  • the context and the approach to managing contaminated sites and soils recommended by the Ministry for Sustainable Development,
  • the certification of the sector of polluted sites and soils,
  • and the raison d'être of the guide.

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